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    Posted by Eric on May 2, 2024 at 10:01 pm

    <div>@barlow You gave me a good idea earlier today. I pulled information on Presidential pardons and clemencies to see who each President has given pardons and commutations to and how many they have given: </div>

    President Biden has given 153 in 39.5 months in office, all to middle and low income individuals with non-violent crimes, marijuana and other crimes that normally impact urban communities.

    Donald Trump gave out 238 in 47.5 months in office, most of his were to wealthy criminals and persons convicted of financial crimes or government corruption crimes.

    President Obama gave out 1,927 in 96 months in office, similar to President Biden, most were to middle and low income individuals with similar types of crimes.

    President Bush gave out 200 in 96 months in office, roughly 55% of his pardons and commutations were for persons similar to President Obama and Biden.

    President Clinton gave out 459 in 96 months. Most of his pardons were similar to President’s Obama and Biden, but he did have a higher share of pardons to wealthy individuals than either President Obama and Biden. I’ve included the link to the Office of Presidential Pardons.

    How do we get this out in our communications to generally show who is pro-criminal justice reform by actions and not a few high profile pardons and commutations for show.


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