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  • New U.S. Census & Federal Racial Data collection guidelines

    Posted by Eric on March 29, 2024 at 12:42 pm


    By Dr. Karin Orvis, Chief Statistician of the United States

    Earlier today, OMB published a set of revisions to Statistical Policy Directive No. 15 (Directive No. 15): Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity, the first since 1997.

    The updated standards released by OMB today closely follow the Working Group’s evidence-based recommendations and make key revisions to questions used to collect information on race and ethnicity, including:

    • Using one combined question for race and ethnicity, and encouraging respondents to select as many options as apply to how they identify.
    • Adding Middle Eastern or North African as a new minimum category. The new set of minimum race and/or ethnicity categories are:
      • American Indian or Alaska Native
      • Asian
      • Black or African American
      • Hispanic or Latino
      • Middle Eastern or North African
      • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
      • White
    • Requiring the collection of additional detail beyond the minimum required race and ethnicity categories for most situations, to ensure further disaggregation in the collection, tabulation, and presentation of data when useful and appropriate.


    This is significant news because now 8 of the 9 racial categories will be represented and collected as individual racial categories (includes multi-racial) while allowing for accurate data collection on disaggregated data under each racial group (Jamaican or Nigerian under Black or African American, Iranian or Palestinian under Middle Eastern or North African). The only group missing is Jewish American, which is a unique racial, ethnic and ancestry population that needs to be tracked separately.

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